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Warranty Conditions for New Zealand

What is a warranty?

We thank you for purchasing this Fujifilm product. Your product has been manufactured to precise standards, with rigid quality control through every part of the manufacturing process. When you bought your Fujifilm product, you were given a warranty, which means for a certain period after purchase, any manufacturing defect with be repaired free-of-charge. Our products are extremely reliable, but like all complex equipment, it is possible that faults can develop over time.

How long does my warranty last?

The standard warranty period for Digital Cameras bought in New Zealand is 12 months. The warranty period begins from the date printed on your shop or Web receipt.

What do I need to claim a free repair under warranty?

All you will need is the receipt that you were given by the shop or Website you bought it from. It’s very important that you look after your receipt, as without this evidence you cannot claim your warranty. You do not need to present a Warranty Card to claim your warranty.

What is not covered by the warranty?

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratching, abrasions or cosmetic damage. More specifically, it does not cover damage caused by:

How do I claim a repair under warranty?

You can either take or send the product to the shop or Website you bought it from or direct to Fujifilm or a Fujifilm Authorised Repair Centre. Subject to any rights available to you under any applicable statute you must meet the cost for sending the product back to shop, Website or to Fujifilm. The cost of returning the product to you will be met by the shop or by Fujifilm.

What happens if I bought the camera in a different country from where I live?

The normal policy is for the Service Centre in the country in which you live to repair the camera for you without charge but, please contact the repair centre to check. Obviously, the shop or Web receipt will not be from your home country.

What happens if I have lost my shop receipt?

If you have lost your receipt, you will have no evidence that the product is within its warranty period, so regrettably you will have to pay for the repair.

How do I go about getting a repair under warranty?

You will need to return your product, with a copy of the shop or Web receipt, to the shop or Website you bought it from or direct to Fujifilm or to a Fujifilm Authorised Service Centre. Make sure that:

Just send us back the product. Please do not send us any accessories, like media cards, batteries, software CDs or manuals.

Other Conditions

  1. Subject to any rights available to you under any applicable statute Fujifilm’s liability is strictly limited to repairing or replacing the product and Fujifilm will have no liability for indirect or consequential loss of any kind due to a defect with the product.
  2. Subject to any rights available to you under any applicable statute Fujifilm accepts no liability for loss of data or pictures caused by the product’s malfunction.
  3. Fujifilm reserves the right not to repair a product under warranty if the serial number has been removed, altered or defaced.
  4. Fujifilm will normally use new parts, but reserves the right to use reconditioned or repaired parts.
  5. Any defective parts replaced in the camera become the property of Fujifilm.
  6. This warranty is in addition to (and does not affect) your statutory rights as a consumer.
  7. Fujifilm reserves the right to replace the entire product as an alternative to a repair.
  8. If products are sent to Fujifilm without any contact details, Fujifilm reserves the right to dispose of your product six months after receipt.
  9. If a product is sent to Fujifilm without adequate protection, and the product is damaged in transit, Fujifilm reserve the right to charge for any extra repair.
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